From the 12th June 2015 there will be weekly workshops for 7 weeks on how to manage your money better.

RELAXED WORKSHOPS using taste tests, games and activities

GAIN CONFIDENCE with credit, debt,bills and budgets

SAVE THE FUN WAY share top tips to beat the big brands

IMPROVE COMMUNICATION with your family and others around finances

GIVE YOUR KINDS A HEAD START learning for the future about money

The workshops will be held at the New Life Centre, Billingham.

They will be held every Friday morning 9.30am-11.30am for 7 weeks.

For more information and to book a place contact Sarah Peters or Jemma Gadja in the New Life Centre on 01642 561748.

"Since this life changing course I feel like a new woman! The impact on my life, my relationship, my children and our future, feels so good". Linda