SWAN Equality and Diversity Statement

The Stockton Welfare Advice Network recognises that many people in our society experience discrimination or lack of opportunity for reasons which are not fair. These include: race, religion, creed, colour, national and ethnic origin, political beliefs, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability (including mental illness) ,HIV status, marital status, responsibility for dependants, geographical area, social class, income level or criminal record.

The Stockton Welfare Advice Network is committed to a Statement of Equality of Opportunity which respects the identity, characteristics, rights and values of each individual. The Stockton Welfare Advice Network is positively committed to oppose all direct and indirect discrimination within the project.

We will:

  • challenge discrimination and lack of opportunity in our own policies and practices and will encourage other organisations and individuals to do the same;
  • aim to create a culture that respects and values each other’s differences and recognise that diversity is a great asset to the project – to its work and the people it serves;
  • ensure all Employees, Volunteers and Members will be made aware of the objectives within this statement and encouraged to support them.
  • The Stockton Welfare Advice Network is committed to take action to remove any unfair discrimination in all its operations as well as taking positive action to promote equal opportunities.

Network Members

  • Diversity amongst our Members will be valued and individual skills will be promoted and utilised;
  • The same opportunities for involvement will be provided for every Network Member with regards to Training, Campaigning for Change and Referral and Working Together;
  • Network Members will be encouraged to become an example of an equal opportunities organisation by adhering to all responsibilities as outlined in the Stockton Welfare Advice Network Equality and Diversity Statement;
  • Network Members will be encouraged to ensure that they have an Equality and Diversity Policy in place within their own organisation.