Energy Top-Up Vouchers from S.D.A.I.S.

To help avoid disconnection, Stockton Citizens Advice (S.D.A.I.S.) can sometimes support people who use a pre-payment meter and who are in severe financial distress by applying on their behalf to the Fuel Bank Foundation for a top-up voucher.  However, please note:

  • These vouchers are not something that everyone is entitled to; they are only available to people who meet the Fuel Bank Foundation eligibility criteria, are in severe financial difficulty and at imminent risk of disconnection
  • S.D.A.I.S. can only submit applications after you have had an interview with a CAB Adviser; this will include an assessment of your current financial position
  • You must be using a pre-payment meter
  • Owing to their very high workload at present, S.D.A.I.S. cannot progress most new telephone enquiries for a voucher until early January.

If you are in urgent need of help with fuel costs you can also: