Updated Emergency Food Aid Directory

This latest edition of the Directory gives details of organisations that can provide emergency food assistance to people in Stockton Borough.  The Directory is based on information supplied by organisations and indicates the type of assistance available, where and when the assistance is available and if any referral is required to access the service.

Stockton & District Advice & Information Service (SDAIS) has collected and circulated this information as part of its work with a wide range of organisations to support people who are in crisis.

SDAIS would like to thank all those organisations who have provided their information and to Crisis Support Steering Group, who helped to develop this Directory.

If any information changes, SDAIS would be pleased to hear from individuals and agencies so that the Directory can be updated.

To access the new directory click HERE

For further information and advice about other assistance available (eg help to obtain furniture etc) please check our GRANTS AND ASSISTANCE section.